Welcome to my website I started it mainly to try out my hand at webdesign. It runs on 100% open source software. Over time it has become a way for me to keep in touch with family and friends.Everything in here is a work in progress. So if you visit and it's down just try it later, after a couple of hours or the next day, am probably trying to fix or testing something. Check out my blog I try to keep it updated with whatever is on my mind.

Just did a face lift of the site and trying to figure out if I like it. It's a one page design and very mobile friendly, after 5 yrs the previous desing was starting to show its age.

Family Guy

I am a family guy before anything else nothing is as fulfilling as sitting back at the end of the day with my family around me.

Software Developer

I am a full stack software developer who loves tinkering with things to know how they work and use code to make my life easier, nothing beats automating those repetitive tasks in your life with code. Am a big fan of open source and use it in my everyday life to accomplish different tasks like run my own cloud and media server services.

Enjoy Working out

Just like in my day to day life where I like to keep challenging my mind, I like getting out and pushing my body at the end of the week I can't wait to hit the trail and put in some miles.

What I do

I write front and backend code using Java and Javascript mainly, and Keep my skills current by keeping up with new technologies and frameworks. Work with applications that are highly concurrent and process heavy traffic

Responsive UIs

Always design your UIs with the user in mind, the UI should be as intuitive as possible.


With a lot your logic running in the UI, having security in mind when developing an application will reduce your attack vector.

Get in touch

Had to disable message sending as the bots were driving my spam count off the charts.