K3b error: Found invalid entry in the video_ts folder

I was trying to burn a Video DVD in k3b and had the error:

Found invalid entry in the video_ts folder Could not write temporary file

The solution to this was instead of dragging the VIDEO_TS folder into the burning area click the VIDEO_TS folder on the left of project area and drag the individual .vob, .ifo and .bup files to the right and click burn. This is not limited to a particular distribution.

Watch Tv episodes and Movies Online

We have all watched Tv videos and movies online, the video is mostly choppy and the quality not that good, I found a site which has some very good quality videos with most of the latest stuff. They also have a player which combines vlc in it meaning you will pretty much be able to play anything out there. It also has a handy feature as it also enables tou to download your movies for offline viewing or streaming them in HD quality.

To check it out go to Graboid.com

Grub Error 17

I was trying to dual boot my machine and used the hide command on a linux partition on reboot grub started loading then stopped giving me the Error 17. I was able to resolve it after checking this site out.

This error can aslo be caused if you cange out HD’s without abdating the changes in grub or you overwrite a linux partition with windows in which case you can run fdisk /mbr from any rescue disk.

Got my backup in place

After two crashes this time am making sure I have my backup in place before I add anything to the website. I settled on Ping 2.01 to make backup images for the server no more install from scratch. The funny thing is that i have been advising people on the importance of this yet i never got to do it myself. But after starting over for the second time am making sure i have restore disks for all the machines in the house both windows and linux.