My First 10k run

Today I ran my first ever official 10k and it was something else, I have run the same distance several times myself while just jogging but it was different while doing it for competition, and the course was not forgiving at all which I had heard from a few people who had participated at the us10k classic before. I was happy with my results though coming in at 500 0f  2998 timed racers, I was able to set a personal best time of 50 min my earlier record was 1h2min for the same distance and my race number is here just so I can always remember. After the race I got to learn that the lady who was first in women had parked her car at the finish line jogged to the start line started with everyone and finished fourth overall in a time of 35min, it felt impossible for me to comprehend this especially since I felt as if my body was about to fall apart and I had only ran half the distance she ran this morning.

Next am looking forward to my first half marathon.

Going Raw

After reading several articles on this topic I decided to try it, so I went to the local grocery store and bought some sprouts, started up my blender to make my smoothie as usual but this time I added raw sprouts into the mix. To tell you the truth the first few days do take some getting used to. The raw sprouts have a distinct flavor and smell which can take some adjusting to. Right now am on my second week and I can drink it without a problem. I have come to love sandwiches from mellow mushroom as they add sprouts to their veggie sandwiches.

My first 5k Run

I went for my first 5k run today, got there late had to run through a street full of people, I don’t know what was my time as race had already started when we got there but when I crossed the finish line clock was at 35 min, am excited just to have been there.
Note to self come with stop watch next time come early. I will scan my race number put it here just as a reminder for me.

Getting back in the game

Am definitely getting back to form I went running on my long course(6Ml) and made it back yeah!!! “without walking, looking forward to the 5k run next  week. Am running 4ml in 35 min, the route has enough inclines to give me a chill every time I get ready to go out for a run. That is one of the main reasons I just can’t do treadmills, they don’t replicate enough the experience of running in the outdoors.

Age sucks

Today I went running and ended up walking home. No it wasn’t a new course I went running just one I haven’t run in a long time but for my excuse it was also the hottest day yet this year 86F. I just started running again a few weeks ago after recovering from a foot injury. I started out with a short course for the first few weeks and thought I was ready to go back to where I was before, but my body was not co-operating. I became so dehydrated I stopped sweating, next I started getting mini cramps in my legs, and that’s when I knew my run was over, I walked home for the first time in my life. I have seen it happen to some of my training buddies before but never to me.
It also seems the older you get your body slows down more than you think, it certainly gets harder to lose those few pounds you gained over Xmas, and you take longer than you used to to get used to working out again it definitely hurts more too.

It’s easy to fall off the bandwagon and harder to get back on

I have been exercising for the last 10 years pretty consistently, but in the last three months ‘OK maybe four’ I have become kind of lazy, and even when I try to go exercise I do it for like a day or two then do nothing for a whole week or two “sometimes”.

Somehow am not feeling the spirit that always used to be at my heels pushing me to put on my running shoes and go jog or go to the gym, for the first time in as long as I can remember am having to force myself to get out of the house and get my body moving. Being a vegetarian I believe very strongly in taking care of my body but I am starting to get a different perspective of why people just let themselves go sometimes you dont mean to it just happens and you keep telling yourself you gonna start doing something from next week or the week after that and pretty soon you are two sizex bigger or more.

The news that all my ex training partners have all stopp
ed training and put on the pounds is no excuse for me so as of tomorrow no today I will make sure i do some sought of exercise evryday i get home from work. I hope to revisit this topic in three months with better news

Big boned women

Last week we went to a church seminar led by a renowned doctor who specializes in health. She said in all her years of work she has seen thousands of X-rays but she is yet to see a big boned woman. So if you have watched the scale go up, don’t go telling your friends big bones run in your family, instead join the rest of us as we try to hit gym regularly and try to eat healthier foods. It might mean fries once a month instead of four times a week but in the end you will have fewer trips to the doc.