Network pdf print er

I love the world of open source where would i be without them. Am always thinking on how to cut down the use of paper so i got the idea to go digital and just make paper copies only when they are needed. I tried a couple of apps starting with adobe acrobat Pro, but it didn’t make sense to me why I have to install a 200Mb program just to help me create pdf’s, I tried a couple of freeware pdf printers ad most of them had one limitation or another, or they would be branding your digital documents with there ads. Finally I got a solution from the Linux world I installed cups-pdf by adding the epel repo to my machine and instantly I had a network pdf printer all the machines in the network can print to this pdf printer and it’s free no ads on my digital docs, i can configure it to my needs and it’s barely a few Mb’s. Bottom line there is no equal to it in the windows world at the cost and performance.