Intel or Amd

Planning to buy a computer? Have you thought about what chip you will be running on. The days of everything Intel are over. Well now their is another choice “Amd” get into enough forums and you will see that this is the preferred chip of many power users. The main reason for this is that at nearly equall speeds Amd chips can consume upto 20% less power than their intel equals and sometimes providing better performance too. So for some of us who have our machines running for long hours that is definately a great incentive to move over, and even big companies have realised this and are quickly moving over, even dell which did not have AMD chips in it’s computers decided this week it will start putting them in their servers. Another reason is that AMD chips dont run as hot
as Intel’s on same loads cutting down on your cooling needs, AMD architecture is also aimed at crunching large blocks of data at a time making it favourable for gaming and other CPU intensive apps while Intels architecture is aimed more at speed causing it to run hotter.

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