Don’t leave if to the movie critics

I just watched the movie Seven Pounds today and it was great. I plan to watch it again tomorrow and maybe a couple of times more with my wife as we both enjoyed it very much. Imagine my suprise when I went online and looked at some of the movie critics reviews they were so off the point that had we read them before watching the movie we might not even have bothered with it. Actually the reviews from watchers give you a better feel for the movie and a lot of people have the same complain, the professional critics did a bad number on the movie. The average score by viewers was A while the critics gave it a C+. Looking at how the critics rated the movie you get the feeling that they try to vote the same way “it’s like a heard of sheep following  each other” and nobody is ready to break the status quo. While the watchers scores are more varied . So next time you are planning on watching a movie i’d advice you take any cri
tics comments with a pinch of salt and go be your own judge. If you really need to see the reviews on it check out reviews from regular watchers and don’t put too much weight on critics who are afraid do go against each other. Those same critics are the ones who gave great raves on “Rachel Getting Married” a view not shared by viewers who got disappointed by it.

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