why I’ll never buy anything apple

I got introduced to open source software a few years back and to me I think it’s the best thing out there.
This week apple got a patent for the touch technology employed on the iphone. This is their way of stiffling further development on devices with such capabality. The touch technology has been around for some time, and it’s not an invention of apple. So what if the person who invented it also patented it all those devices using it wouldn’t be there, or only big companies which can afford licensing fees would be able to use it.
Companies which have devices utilising this feature are getting ready to defend themselves against apple, but for small companies which can’t afford getting into battle with the likes of apple will hold of on innovating in products in this area until the dust settles. In the meantime it’s the consumers who suffer because we are the ones who would have stood to gain from other
entrants in this field, and you keep saying how apple loves you, no just your money.
I bought my wife a shuffle sometime back when they were still selling for $80 a piece “not my choice”, and compared to what was available from it’s competitors at the time for the same amount they put it to shame interms of features available. Even at its current price the competitors offerings leave it way behind interms of value. They are the same ones who said they don’t know how to build a sub 500 machine that ain’t a peice of junk, well psyster came and proved that was a lie.Their $399 machine wasn’t a piece of junk. That’s it for now as the more I write the more pissed of I get and, using more of my time on this topic is a waste of my valuable time. So that you know my choice would be the G1 or or palms devices which run on linux.

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