Age sucks

Today I went running and ended up walking home. No it wasn’t a new course I went running just one I haven’t run in a long time but for my excuse it was also the hottest day yet this year 86F. I just started running again a few weeks ago after recovering from a foot injury. I started out with a short course for the first few weeks and thought I was ready to go back to where I was before, but my body was not co-operating. I became so dehydrated I stopped sweating, next I started getting mini cramps in my legs, and that’s when I knew my run was over, I walked home for the first time in my life. I have seen it happen to some of my training buddies before but never to me.
It also seems the older you get your body slows down more than you think, it certainly gets harder to lose those few pounds you gained over Xmas, and you take longer than you used to to get used to working out again it definitely hurts more too.

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