Update vs Clean Install

I just upgraded to CentOS 5.5 and while talking to a friend of mine we got into talking about updating vs clean install. After my update I had to restore to an image before the update as my mail system was not working, checked all packages contained in the update and zeroed the cause to a sendmail update. Which was disabling my current MTA “postfix”. I fixed that and another issue with my open office and I was ready to go. While my friend prefers to just do a clean install.

To me it just comes down to preference, if you have a heavily customized system it’s time saving to just do an upgrade, but if you are running a generic system with few modifications a clean install might be the best way for you.

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  1. Microsoft Feeds Synchronization has encountered a problem and needs to close… It popped up after i did a repair install.* I think it has to do with IE.* My computer shows that I have ie8 updates installed but IE shows that i am running ie6. How do I fix this.*

  2. hi all; i m using RHEL5 on my server machine and open suse 10 on my client machine.both system ping each other,firewall is off of my server…

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