Dual boot with Fedora 17+

After years of using Fedora on my desktop I wanted to try something else I decided to go with Mageia. Install went ok until I got to setting up Grub2 for dual boot. While in the past I have multi booted several OS’s with classic grub I have never done that with Grub2. This thread pointed me in the right direction while this site was a great resource on grub2 it’s more focused on Ubuntu’s version of grub2 and there are a few differences with the fedora version, I found that the command “update-grub” does not work in Fedora other than that I did not notice much difference. I also did not go through all the steps in the tutorial just what I needed to get my setup working.
So how is my setup? I have several partitions on my HD and one of this partitions has fedora which boots on startup. I installed Mageia on an unused partition and made sure that it installed it’s bootloader in it’s partition. This is very important if you are trying to multiboot properly as explained in the grub2 tutorial. Only one application can have it’s bootloader installed in the MBR check the grub2 tutorial if you want further explanation about this otherwise each new OS you install will keep taking over the boot process.
At this point even though Mageia has been installed on reboot it does not show up on Fedora’s grub menu. To my knowledge I had 2 options add a script as described in the grub2 tutorial or just add Mageia to Fedora’s grub menu. I had already prepared my script when i fiugred I would not need it since my distributions would have totally different names, this would not be the case if I was trying to boot similar OS’s like kubuntu and Ubuntu. To add Mageia to Fedora grub menu I run the command below, it scans your HD for any other OS’s and automatically adds them. That’s it no editing scripts or grub files.
grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

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