Gmail shortcuts

Are you an avid user of gmail and would like to learn some shortcuts to make maximize your email sessions, the guys at google have put together a tutorial on couple of easy shortcuts that can help you do this, they have also given descriptions to help you memorize them check them out here. There are more shortcuts available but this are ok to start with. Happy Gmailing.

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  1. Hi,
    I am new and have a gmail account but I do not recevie any of my
    mail from my family and friends.

    my phone number is 929-918-2393

    please anybody call me and help me find out what I am doing wrong
    I can not get thru to any gmail help support team

    thanks jcp

  2. Try sending one of your friends an email and see if they get it and if
    they do, ask them to hit the reply button and send it back just to make
    sure they are not typing the wrong thing in the address box. If this doesn’t work we will move on from there.

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