Rest in peace Dad

A few weeks ago my father passed away i cant bring myself to write on it so I got a poem insted to say what i cant for now:

I looked for you this morning,
I looked for you last night.
I looked for you everywhere,
But you were not in sight.
My heart is really breaking,
My eyes are never Dry.
Each day I ask my maker,
Why did you have to die.
He came to you one evening,
While you were fast asleep.
Although he took you painlessly,
The pain for me is deep.
I tell you now dear Daddy,
There is only one thing left for me to do,
And that’s for me to keep your memories alive in my heart!

I always took it for granted my dad would always be there and of all the things i wish i could have told him
only one hurts me that i never got to tell him I LOVE you DAD.
I know with our African culture it’s just taken for granted that our parents know what we feel for them, but thats not enough I just wish i had told him that the last time i talked with him i still remember his laugh as we talked only a couple of hours before his soul was laid to rest.

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  1. I know the feeling & couldn’t have put it much better,keep up the spirit bro.

  2. It caught me unawares too one day i was talking to him and he was in good spirit and hoping to be out of hospital in a few days next day i got the call. Your condolences are kindly received and they can never be too late. Thank you Bomseh.

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