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I had installed ipupdate while trying out dnsexit.com and loved its simplicity, dnsexit.com provides a great service but in the end I chose to stick with my current registrar lqconsulting who is a major supporter of Linux users, they also run linuxquestions.org of which am a member. I had tried to configure ddclient to work with my registrar but I did not have enough info about my registrar’s requirements of the client to work with their site. So in the mean time I have edited ipupdate to send me an email everytime my ip address changes while still doing evrything else it does. I prefer it this way over updating my registrar, since I do a lot of remoting in and it takes a few minutes before a new IP is updated to nameservers “around 20min”, but if I already have my new IP in my mail when it changes I don’t have to wait until nameservers update my site IP for me to be able to remote in. I have provided the edited file below for anyone who wants to use it also the tar,rpm and deb files that install it.

For install instructions go to:

My edited file
You can replace the installations ipupdate.pl with mine for v1.6-2 or just copy over my additions to them whichever works for you.

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  1. When using an ip changer through a proxy, it’s important that the company behind the proxy is reliable. When using a proxy, everything you do on the internet will be sent through the company first. You want to be sure that you can trust them not to steal your personal information, or else the proxy is to no use.

  2. That’s true about the service provider you wish to use for your proxy, but on this post am mainly talking about getting an email from your system whenever your dynamic IP address changes.

    I also just noticed that a few people have been unable to download my sample file, I have restored it as it was taken out during system maintainance and never put back.

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