Chapati day

Made some chapati’s yesterday, didn’t know if i could still do it last time i made them wonderful things was nearly two years ago, and i didn’t make one of them small 8 inch one’s no! am talking of 10-12 inches across, just two of them and you are full.

 We made them together with my housemate, now i just need to see what i can do to keep their supply constant.

2 Replies to “Chapati day”

  1. ati just two of them and you are full, you know in DNS you consumed 8 chapatis 12 inches long with one medium sized cup of black coffee and now you are saying two? what happened to your appetite? wacha mchezo. the most i have ever consumed in one sitting was 6 in my sister’s wedding reception. i needed help standing up! lol.

  2. Yah man! those were the days this days man i dont know what went wrong, this days if i even eat half of that am real lucky.

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