which browser are you using

 Tired of pop ups and all kinds of junk getting into your computer, then you might need to re-think using explorer as your browser.

 There is a new IE coming out you might say but the features that have been added to it are the same one’s which Firefox has been having since it’s inception, like tabbed browsing. The new IE will be in use on vista which is also being released early next year, but trust MS to mess up as usual, as they are restricting access by third party application developers to the vista kernel the same one’s who make antiviruses and other protection software, need i say more.

 Personally i tried it at home with two machines one machine browsing with IE got virus attacks twice in the same year, while the other one with firefox has remained untouched i have since put in firefox and made it the default browser
and it has been nearly 10 months and it’s still clean.

  So if you wanna give firefox a try it’s just a click away Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting.

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  1. whats up jahn i have tried konqueror too it wasn’t bad security speedwise and security it does beat the fox but when you visit some few sites it reacts funny and displays the pages out of proportion.

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