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Securing your VSFTP server

April 17th, 2007 No comments

If you are running your own FTP server you know how irritating it is to keep going through your logs and see them filled up with brute force attack attempts. I have VSFTP running and i found a way to go around this i was having nearly 80k to 100k attempts a day, it was very frustrating to see all this crackers from china and whearever wasting my cpu time, so i did some checking on confguring vsftp on default it checks for all usernames provided and the password on all atempts but by adding userlist_deny=NO to the config file and creating a userlist, any attempt with an illegal usernmae is denied access without the option of entering a password. After that restart vsftp, I haven’t had a single succesful attempt since then my logs changed showing from 80k attempts to 0 now i can rest easy and move on with peace on my mind.

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Fun of being a programmer

April 17th, 2007 No comments

The good thing about being a programmer is tinkerig with stuff and putting changes you want on a product that didn’t have them it’s a very good feeling believe me, here are some guys having fun with the apple TV so if you have one you can go and take a look at some of the mods that you can do to yours to soup it up a bit. Happy cracking.

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Ever thought of saving clips from sites

April 11th, 2007 No comments

Once in a while you visit a site streaming some video that you would like to save to your machine here is a site that can help you with that if you know of a better way of doing it you can point us to it.

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Ma Ndae

April 7th, 2007 2 comments

Umekuwa ukichaga tu chums na unataka kubuy ndae, tuseme unataka kitu iko na kijiko lakini hajui uta zipimanisha aje jili kila mmoja hu come ikisema vile hiyo ndiyo mwisho ya mawazo enda hapa alafu upimanishe ndae zile unataka utaweza kujua gani ikona nguvu za farasi nyingi kuliko ingine.  Lakini kama kile unajiskia nayo ni ndae inatumia ngata ya ngovo kwa wiki we enda tu showroom uwashow wa kuge ile ndae iko na kama mahinya za farasi wa bwegz na utakuwa poa.

Hii post enyewe nimeichapa jili ya gerisha mjamo ambaye amekuwa akini kumbusha pia mimi niwakilishe lugha ya taifa najua hii sheng ya mine imechapa lakini ni miaka kiasi tangu nibonge sheng siku mzima.

Niliwai kamusi ful
ani ya sheng enda ujikumbushe lugha ya taifa

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