Fun of being a programmer

The good thing about being a programmer is tinkerig with stuff and putting changes you want on a product that didn’t have them it’s a very good feeling believe me, here are some guys having fun with the apple TV so if you have one you can go and take a look at some of the mods that you can do to yours to soup it up a bit. Happy cracking.

Ma Ndae

Umekuwa ukichaga tu chums na unataka kubuy ndae, tuseme unataka kitu iko na kijiko lakini hajui uta zipimanisha aje jili kila mmoja hu come ikisema vile hiyo ndiyo mwisho ya mawazo enda hapa alafu upimanishe ndae zile unataka utaweza kujua gani ikona nguvu za farasi nyingi kuliko ingine.  Lakini kama kile unajiskia nayo ni ndae inatumia ngata ya ngovo kwa wiki we enda tu showroom uwashow wa kuge ile ndae iko na kama mahinya za farasi wa bwegz na utakuwa poa.

Hii post enyewe nimeichapa jili ya gerisha mjamo ambaye amekuwa akini kumbusha pia mimi niwakilishe lugha ya taifa najua hii sheng ya mine imechapa lakini ni miaka kiasi tangu nibonge sheng siku mzima.

Niliwai kamusi ful
ani ya sheng enda ujikumbushe lugha ya taifa

My grammar sucks

Ever since i started writing my blog and updating my site i have noticed that my grammer sucks and for my year  resolution i have decided i need to read more books i have already read three this year that is more than i have done in the last three years. I drive around with a trunck full of novels which i need to finish before the year ends, i wish watching movies would help coz i have 200+ but they aint helping my english none, so i will stick with tried and tested way mucho reading, but first let me go watch a movie before i pick up another novel, its so easy with movies instant gratification one and a half hours and you know everything a novel i will probably be getting to the climax of the story 12 hours from now i dont know how people do this”reading”.

Internet Security

I have been running my server for over a year now and spent a considerable time putting it together, while going through the logs i discovered that there have been countless attacks on it every single day am currently reading a lot of security material but it is amazing to see the number of evil people out there and what they can do. So if you have a machine connected to the net please make sure its secured and the first rule is if you can find your password in a dictionary even with a number or two at the end or beginning change it.

Have a secure day.

Which Is Safer: Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2.0?

Nearly a month after IE & Firefox released there new browsers. which one is safer.
After some tests the results are out and the fox seems to have an upper hand when it comes to phising protection. Just another reason you should consider making the fox your browser of choice, this is nothing new to firefox users since historically firefox has had superior security. IE users  might argue that they have the speed advantage, in this world we live in of identity theft and all that I will take security over speed anyday.

Just to give you another choice i have a few friends who have suggested opera I checked it out and its full of very intere sting features, if you are a IE user this might sound strange, what do you mean by features? well once you try other browsers out you will be suprised at the number of functions you can add to your browser.

On the same note I tried out IE7 but there was nothing on it to make me move over it just looked like a poor copy of my fox, not to worry though my machine is up for reformatting around december gotta clean out that registry and i havent seen a reason to make me put back IE 7. Happy thanksgiving.

Windows media plugin not working in Firefox

This is a problem that can occur easily if you chose mozilla plugins while installing VLC:

Solution -> Remove the vlc plugins in Firefox the easiest way is to uninstall vlc then re-install without the plugin option and restart Firefox if your plugins still doesn’t work re-install your windows media player. Your pluin should now be working.

To test your plugin go here:

For more help if your plugin stll doen’t work go here:

Intel or Amd

Planning to buy a computer? Have you thought about what chip you will be running on. The days of everything Intel are over. Well now their is another choice “Amd” get into enough forums and you will see that this is the preferred chip of many power users. The main reason for this is that at nearly equall speeds Amd chips can consume upto 20% less power than their intel equals and sometimes providing better performance too. So for some of us who have our machines running for long hours that is definately a great incentive to move over, and even big companies have realised this and are quickly moving over, even dell which did not have AMD chips in it’s computers decided this week it will start putting them in their servers. Another reason is that AMD chips dont run as hot
as Intel’s on same loads cutting down on your cooling needs, AMD architecture is also aimed at crunching large blocks of data at a time making it favourable for gaming and other CPU intensive apps while Intels architecture is aimed more at speed causing it to run hotter.