Which Is Safer: Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2.0?

Nearly a month after IE & Firefox released there new browsers. which one is safer.
After some tests the results are out and the fox seems to have an upper hand when it comes to phising protection. Just another reason you should consider making the fox your browser of choice, this is nothing new to firefox users since historically firefox has had superior security. IE users  might argue that they have the speed advantage, in this world we live in of identity theft and all that I will take security over speed anyday.

Just to give you another choice i have a few friends who have suggested opera I checked it out and its full of very intere sting features, if you are a IE user this might sound strange, what do you mean by features? well once you try other browsers out you will be suprised at the number of functions you can add to your browser.

On the same note I tried out IE7 but there was nothing on it to make me move over it just looked like a poor copy of my fox, not to worry though my machine is up for reformatting around december gotta clean out that registry and i havent seen a reason to make me put back IE 7. Happy thanksgiving.

Windows media plugin not working in Firefox

This is a problem that can occur easily if you chose mozilla plugins while installing VLC:

Solution -> Remove the vlc plugins in Firefox the easiest way is to uninstall vlc then re-install without the plugin option and restart Firefox if your plugins still doesn’t work re-install your windows media player. Your pluin should now be working.

To test your plugin go here:

For more help if your plugin stll doen’t work go here:

Intel or Amd

Planning to buy a computer? Have you thought about what chip you will be running on. The days of everything Intel are over. Well now their is another choice “Amd” get into enough forums and you will see that this is the preferred chip of many power users. The main reason for this is that at nearly equall speeds Amd chips can consume upto 20% less power than their intel equals and sometimes providing better performance too. So for some of us who have our machines running for long hours that is definately a great incentive to move over, and even big companies have realised this and are quickly moving over, even dell which did not have AMD chips in it’s computers decided this week it will start putting them in their servers. Another reason is that AMD chips dont run as hot
as Intel’s on same loads cutting down on your cooling needs, AMD architecture is also aimed at crunching large blocks of data at a time making it favourable for gaming and other CPU intensive apps while Intels architecture is aimed more at speed causing it to run hotter.

What is your media player of choice.

Let me guess for 99% of you it’s windows media player. If you answered true to this then you are missing out, for its big size doesn’t match its performance. The most basic video file format found on the internet is AVI, if you are using wmp dont click on it since all you will get is sound and an error message unless you have the proper codecs installed, and dont even think of forwarding while watching a big video clip, when it comes to features well there are none to talk off.
Do you feel like trying something different try VLC it is the only media player to play some rare video formats “off the box”, now if ever there was a versatile player this is it will play nearly everything you throw at it partially dowloaded, damaged, incomplete files just to
mention a few, want to stream something over the network “i love this feature” it will do it, save to different format! done in a click. I could go on all day about it, there is a wiki if you want to read more about it. Needless to say it’s more than a year since the last time i used the windows media player on my system and am thinking of uninstalling it since it’s never used. The ball is in your court.

The VideoLan project.

Why can’t muslims take their own medicine

I was watching the news over the past week and am shocked at the reaction of muslims from the pope’s speech in which he cited the words of a Byzantine emperor who was against muhamad’s teaching of “his command to spread by the sword the faith.” .The pope has had to apologize for this, while the Iranian president is always in the news saying how israel should be demolished and nobody reacts to this.

For a religion which is all too ready to criticise others it’s funny how they take criticism

How are your classmates doing

When is the last time you caught up with your high school mates i logged into graduates.com the other day and was suprised at what everyone is doing, it seems as if am in the slow lane and everyone is just zooming by, guys back home are really doing fine. Some have families and kids an have turned their lives around, well am catching upto you Tintin and the rest.
 This one guy caught my eye though, he used to be the ladies man, only that now he is changed his taste according to his site. Life turns out funny sometimes.

which browser are you using

 Tired of pop ups and all kinds of junk getting into your computer, then you might need to re-think using explorer as your browser.

 There is a new IE coming out you might say but the features that have been added to it are the same one’s which Firefox has been having since it’s inception, like tabbed browsing. The new IE will be in use on vista which is also being released early next year, but trust MS to mess up as usual, as they are restricting access by third party application developers to the vista kernel the same one’s who make antiviruses and other protection software, need i say more.

 Personally i tried it at home with two machines one machine browsing with IE got virus attacks twice in the same year, while the other one with firefox has remained untouched i have since put in firefox and made it the default browser
and it has been nearly 10 months and it’s still clean.

  So if you wanna give firefox a try it’s just a click away Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting.

Chapati day

Made some chapati’s yesterday, didn’t know if i could still do it last time i made them wonderful things was nearly two years ago, and i didn’t make one of them small 8 inch one’s no! am talking of 10-12 inches across, just two of them and you are full.

 We made them together with my housemate, now i just need to see what i can do to keep their supply constant.

My first american home meal

Yesterday i had my first american home made meal thanks to my girlfriend, and it was great.People here dont eat homemade meals everyday, due to the fast pace of life eating out is the norm as can be seen by the many eating places near residential areas.

Ugali here is baked and instead called corn bread.

Apache 2.2 + PHP 5 incompatible

I was using Apache 2.2.2 and PHP 5.1.4 on Windows XP, and the test configuration would never be able to find the php5apache2.dll.
Solution extracting the php5apache2_2.dll from the Stable (5.2.x-dev) Win32 version, and updating the LoadModule php5_module “c:/php/php5apache2_2.dll” for the new dll.

Happy PHP’ing. Remember when you encounter errors google is your friend “just google it” .